Graded pieces for Electric & Acoustic Guitar

As we consider what skills you need to work on to improve, and play the songs you want we must also dedicated some time to your influences, and give consideration to pieces that are suitable for you to learn in order to develop your skills as a guitarist. 

Take a look and listen to the Graded pieces below. All song choices are official Rockschool and Trinity Rock and Pop graded pieces for electric/acoustic guitar with backing tracks to practice along with. The graded pieces you learn not only help develop your musicianship, technical ability and repertoire, they are great motivators which help you benchmark your progress. Most of all they are really fun to jam along with! Song Choice. Below are songs from the Rockschool & Trinity Rock and Pop Syllabuses. Take some time to listen to the songs you/we choose to work on - listening to each track many, many times! Make sure you really 'know' the song' as this will help you learn it much, much quicker!

Grade 0 / Grade 1 Pieces

Grade 2 Pieces

Grade 3 Pieces

Grade 4 Pieces

Grade 5 Pieces

Grade 6 Pieces

Grade 7 Pieces

Grade 8 Pieces