Guitarists: - Ed KingLead guitar

Allen CollinsRhythm guitar

Gary RossingtonRhythm guitar & acoustic guitar.

This song is in the Key of G. The entire song essentially repeats the same chord sequence, based upon D, C and G. In the original recording all the chords are a variation of D, C and G and for this easy version you'll play D, Cadd9 and G for the whole song. 

The intro, verses, interlude and guitar solo all follow the same progression: -

D Cadd9 | G

Whilst the chorus is slightly different with an additional Cadd9 : -

D Cadd9 | G Cadd9

Sweet Home Alabama - Open Chord Practice

Once you've mastered Sweet Home Alabama, you can also play: - All Summer Long by Kid Rock & Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon. Listen to all 3 of these as often as possible making sure you are listening out for those chord changes!