Old time rock and roll - Bob Seger 1979

The track was used in the 1983 film Risky Business.

Guitarists: - Bob Seger – Rhythm guitar

Ken Bell – Rhythm guitar

Howie McDonald – Lead guitar

'Old time rock and roll' is a standard 8 bar blues progression in the key of G. This progression is known as "sandwich". since the 'middle' 4 bars of Cadd9 and D are sandwiched between 2 bars of G at the beginning and 2 bars of G at the end of the progression.

Following a 4 bar introduction the 8 bar progression begins and is repeated throughout the entire song.

Bob Seger lovin' the Old time rock and roll

| G | G | Cadd9 | Cadd9 | D | D | G | G |

When visualised bar by bar it's easy to see why the progression is sometimes called a blues sandwich...

Old TIme Rock and Roll - Open Chord Practice

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